Once again, we will have some amazing staff on board to help us host the 33rd Annual New Mexico Dance Fiesta! Updates to this page are made as contracts are received – check back often for updates!

Pros – Interested in being on staff? We offer pro incentive packages with all kinds of perks…email Noelle at [email protected] for details!! And in case you haven’t heard, we have THE BEST hospitality room for our staff!

UCWDC Contest Coordinator – Dave Getty
Ballroom Competition Coordinator – Toby Munroe
Registrar – Pam Butler
DJ’s – Mona Broussard, Emily Myers
Emcees – Michael Eads, Jennifer Jeffries
Scoring Directors – Kelly Strouse and Ed Von Adelung
Scrutineer – Lary Yorke, Randy Jeffries, Jennifer Yarborough
Hospitality – Judi Caudle, Sarah Red
Workshop Coordinators – Stan Wojciechowski, Sybil Wojciechowski
On-Site Hotel Coordinator – Mary Hannah
Volunteer Coordinator – Jane Nagel
Weekend Ballroom Coordinators – Eric Marcotte, Chris Yarborough, Walter Cope, Dominick Leva
Flooring provided by – Bob Bahrs

Confirmed Judges and Instructors, and Staff:

Lucas Aldrich
Stacey Aldrich
David Appel
Maddie Bee
Kathi Bittner
Emily Bouchonville
Mona Brandt
Kay Bryan
Liz Buell
Candace Cravalho
Kristin Geil
Hilary (Carlson) Greene
Maryann Harvey
Craig Johnson
Roy Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Christy Kam
Justin Kaiser
Penny Lalonde
Derek Leyva
Aaron Lorenzen
Joan Lundahl
Stacy Marcotte
Glenn McCallum
Richard McMurrich
Anthony Moeller
Jennifer Norris
Natalie Palmer
Stuart Palmer
Nicolas Rael
Gretchen Smith
Rachele Smith
Melissa Stirton
Earl Strom
Lisa Strom
Shawn Swaithes
Victoria Tatum
Donna Wylie
Charlene Yorke

Confirmations are still coming in! Check back for updates!