Attention all line dancers! We will be offering all line dance competitions!

Here are the dances we will be using for competition:

Line Dance Primary:
Pulse = “Zumba E”
Cuban = “RiKiKi”
Street = “Body Rock”

Line Dance Newcomer:
Pulse = “Happy”
Smooth = “Forever Love”
Street = “Dose”
Stage = “Never Tell”

Line Dance Novice:
Rise & Fall = “Serenade”
Pulse = “Shape of You”
Smooth = “Your Love”
Street = “Get Up”
Stage = “Caravan Charleston”

Line Dance Intermediate:
Rise & Fall = “Bluebird”
Pulse = “Bacilona”
Smooth = “Away”
Cuban = “My Cherie”
Street = “Gimmie Gimmie”
Stage = “Hey Nah Nah Nah”

Line Dance Advanced:
Rise & Fall = “Letting You Go”
Pulse = “Ooh La La”
Smooth = “The Hardest Word”
Cuban = “Hayra”
Street = “Say You Won’t Let Go”
Stage = “Boogie Wonderland”

Line Dance Crown:
Dance A = Smooth = “Mercy”
Dance B = Pulse = “Bhangra Samba”

Line Dance Superstar & Rising Star:
Dance A = Smooth = “Turn Around”
Dance B = Pulse = “Straight to Memphis”

Line Dance Showcase:
Rise & Fall = “With You I’m Born Again”
Pulse = “The Way You Make Me Feel”
Smooth = “Can’t Sleep Love”
Cuban = Female = “In These Shoes” Kristy McCall
Cuban = Male = “In These Shoes” Chantz
Street = “Call Me Mother”
Stage = “Last Dance”

All the step sheets for Classic Line Dance are available on the UCWDC website

As a reminder, Street is for Juniors and Open while Stage is for Age Divisions