Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question is, “When will the final schedules be posted?” With over 40 workshops to offer, and over 1,000 country/western entries and ballroom entries, scheduling is by far the most challenging aspect we face in bringing you a fun, exciting event. Please be patient with us; it may be closer to the event than you would like before we can actually post the “Final” schedules. For your reference, the final schedules for 2022 are below – please note, we do our absolute best to stick to the prior year’s schedule. If you have traditionally competed on Friday evening, you can bet that will be the same each year.

The only change for 2023 will be for our ballroom competition. We will be starting that competition on Thursday, September 21st and continuing on the morning of Friday, September 22nd. Actual times for that competition will be worked out as we get our entries in.

These are the final schedules for 2022!

Not listed below: Thursday night special workshop with David Appel! Tickets are $15 and good for the Welcome Dance to follow. Both events to be held in the New Mexico Ballroom.

We will have printed schedules at our registration table opening Thursday morning!

A Fully Sanctioned UCWDC World’s Qualifying Event


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