Here’s a list of the workshops we will be offering; we are not publishing times yet as they are subject to change as we receive final confirmations from our amazing staff!

Thursday – Ronnie Debenedetta – Special workshop prior to the Welcome Dance! Buy your tickets for this one!

Crystal Thompson, Yoga for Dancers
Aaron Lorenzen, West Coast Swing, Int/Adv
Mona Brandt, 2-Step, Beg/Int
Tim Perez, East Coast Swing, Beg/Int
Keith Armbruster, Night Club 2-Step, Beg/Int
Greg and Laura Thrash, 2-Step, Beg/Int
Richard McMurrich, Night Club 2-Step, Int/Adv
Darren Paul, West Coast Swing, All Levels
Shawn Swaithes, West Coast Swing, Int/Adv
Emily Bouchonville, Cha Cha, Technique
Craig Johnson & Joan Lundahl, Cha Cha, Beg/Int
Marc Davidson and Sylvie Raymond, 2-Step, Beg/Int
Mark and Brigette Thompson, Waltz, Beg/Int
Blake Christopherson and Sandra Adams, East Coast Swing, All Levels
Troy and Emily Reed, West Coast Swing, All Levels
Sebastian Quinones and Alexis Garrish, West Coast Swing, Beg/Int
Penny Lalonde, Triple 2-Step, Beg/Int
Instructor TBD, Line Dance

Instructor TBD, Night Club 2-Step, Beg/Int
Sebastian Quinones & Alexis Garrish, Triple 2-Step, Beg/Int
Joanie Garcia, Salsa, All Levels
Blake Christopherson & Sandra Adams, 2-Step, Beg/Int
Damon D’Amico, East Coast Swing, Int/Adv
Suzanne Mosely, Styling for Men and Women
Marc Davidson and Sylvie Raymond, Night Club 2-Step, Int/Adv
Michael Eads, 2-Step, Int/Adv
Marc Davidson and Sylvie Raymond, 2-Step, Int/Adv
Tim Perez, Line Dance
Jennifer Yarborough, Cha Cha, Beg/Int
Emily and Troy Reed, West Coast Swing, Int/Adv
Monty and Kristin Ham, West Coast Swing, Int/Adv
Jake Greene and Hilary Carlson, Triple 2-Step, Int/Adv
Craig Johnson and Joan Lundahl, 2-Step, Int/Adv
Toby and Harmony Munroe, Waltz, Beg/Int

Greg and Laura Thrash, East Coast Swing, Beg/Int
Roy and Sharon Johnson, Cha Cha, Beg/Int
Darren Paul, Polka, Beg/Int
Marc Davidson and Sylvie Raymond, 2-Step, Beg/Int
Carmen and Marnie Mattei, Waltz, Beg/Int
Damon D’Amico, West Coast Swing, Int/Adv