We are currently working on confirmation of our amazing staff for 2019. Stay tuned for more updates – here is just the beginning of our list of talented staff members:

Contest Coordinator – Dave Getty
Registrar – Pam Butler
DJ’s – Mona Broussard, Emily and Troy Reed
Emcees – Ronnie DeBenedetta, Damon D’Amico, Michael Eads
Scoring Directors – Kelly Strouse and Ed Von Adelung
Scrutineers – Lary Yorke and Crystal Thompson
Additional Scoring Staff – Delynne West and Jennifer Yarborough
Hospitality – Jason and Tiffany McWhorter, Lynda Hollers
Workshop Coordinator – Stan Wojciechowski
Ballroom Competition Coordinator – Toby Munroe
On-Site Hotel Coordinator – Mary Hannah

Judges and Instructors (many more to come….it’s early yet!)
Penny LaLonde
Keith Armbruster
MaryAnn Harvey
Michael D’Amico
Tim Perez
Emily Drinkall Bouchonville
Darren Paul
Suzanne Mosley
Stuart Palmer
Kristin Geil-Ham
Shawn Swaithes
Christy Kam
Aaron Lorenzen
Greg Thrash
Laura Thrash
Joan Lundahl
Craig Johnson
Kelly Bryan
Jeremy Bryan
Kay Bryan
Sandra Adams
Blake Christopherson