We are currently working on confirmation of our amazing staff for 2019. Stay tuned for more updates – here is just the beginning of our list of talented staff members:

Contest Coordinator – Dave Getty
Registrar – Pam Butler
DJ’s – Mona Broussard, Emily and Troy Reed
Emcees – Ronnie DeBenedetta, Damon D’Amico, Michael Eads
Scoring Directors – Kelly Strouse and Ed Von Adelung
Scrutineers – Lary Yorke and Crystal Thompson
Additional Scoring Staff – Delynne West and Jennifer Yarborough
Hospitality – Jason and Tiffany McWhorter, Lynda Hollers
Workshop Coordinator – Stan Wojciechowski
Ballroom Competition Coordinator – Toby Munroe
On-Site Hotel Coordinator – Mary Hannah

Judges and Instructors (many more to come….it’s early yet!)
Penny LaLonde
Keith Armbruster
MaryAnn Harvey
Michael D’Amico
Tim Perez
Emily Drinkall Bouchonville
Darren Paul