Once again, we will have some amazing staff on board to help us host the 32nd Annual New Mexico Dance Fiesta!

Pros – Interested in being on staff? We offer pro incentive packages with all kinds of perks…email Noelle at dancefiestaABQ@gmail.com for details!!

Contest Coordinator – Dave Getty
Registrar – Pam Butler
DJ’s – Mona Broussard, Josh Angel
Emcees – Michael Eads, Brian Picard
Scoring Directors – Kelly Strouse and Ed Von Adelung
Scrutineer – Jennifer Yarborough, Liz Buell, Arianna Mahan
Hospitality – Sarah Red, Rose Picard, Jane Nagel
Workshop Coordinator – Stan Wojciechowski, Sybil Boiston
Ballroom Competition Coordinator – Toby Munroe
On-Site Hotel Coordinator – Mary Hannah
Weekend Ballroom Coordinators – Chris Yarborough, Eric Marcotte, Lisa Gawalis, Samantha and Byron Marquez
Flooring provided by – Bob Bahrs, Todd Longsworth

We will list our judges and instructors for 2022 as we receive confirmations! Check back here for updates!